Air Crew Stories & Missions

- true accounts of what took place on their bombing raids  

Norman with crew
RCMP article cover

Read Air Gunner Lawrence Smyth's nail biting 1946 post-war account of the crews daring midnight raid over Nazi Germany.

His descriptive chronicle is poetic hell - a time capsule which takes the reader back to 1944 onboard there trusty Halifax Bomber - C for Charle (Clueless). I admit I was shocked to read what Norman and his crew faced each time they swept upwards into the black soup skies, an apprenticeship in survival. Flying a WW2 war plane amidst 1000 heavy bombers over Germany had to be the closest anyone could get to a Star Wars scenario. Far away from cinematic myth this was real life in the 1940s, where lives hung on the edge with every sortie.

35 times they went up and 35 times they returned - this is one example of what they had to endure. .......just read this!

The Morning after

Trafalgar Square, London. taken the day after making it back to English soil and within hours of nearly being struck by a "Doodle Bug". They seem un-phased as they pose with a flock of "Cushie Doo" encompassed in these events. 

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